Are divorce rates connected to wedding date choices?

People in Charlotte planning for their weddings and setting a date for the marriage rarely think about divorce during the occasion. There are a number of reasons why people may choose a particular wedding date; in some cases, it is convenient for the couple’s family and friends, and in other cases, it marks an anniversary or other significant occasion. Couples may even choose a wedding date in order to save on their venue costs. However, couples who choose a romantic holiday or other particular date for their wedding may have a higher likelihood of divorce down the line. This is reflected in the findings of one study conducted by researchers at the University of Melbourne.

The researchers examined marriage and divorce records for 1 million couples, and they found some surprising information. Couples who married on Valentine’s Day were the most likely to divorce, especially in the years closely following the wedding. Within five years after their marriage, 11 percent of these couples were divorced. Nine years following the wedding, 21 percent had chosen to end their marriage. Other special number days were linked to a higher likelihood of divorce as well.

While choosing a holiday like Valentine’s Day doesn’t place a curse on the marriage, there are some practical reasons why these results may be likely. Some couples may be more focused on creating a storybook wedding than on the marriage to come. Others may be attempting to paper over serious relationship struggles with grand romantic gestures.

Of course, incompatibilities can arise for a couple married on any date, especially around serious issues like finances or how to handle parenting. A spouse thinking about divorce may work with a family law attorney to answer key questions and achieve a fair settlement on a number of issues, including property division and parenting time.

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