Organizing your finances can help you prepare for a divorce.

When people in Charlotte consider divorce, some of the most important issues that can arise at end of a marriage relate to finances. Preparing one’s own finances can help a person prepare for the divorce process. One of the first and most important steps can be getting key financial documents in order. During a divorce, a person will need copies of all of their major paperwork, from tax returns to bank statements and investment account reports.

It can also be key to perform a credit check when planning to file for divorce. During a marriage, both partners’ credit can become distinctly intertwined. After divorce, however, having a good individual credit rating will be critical for one’s ability to buy a home, obtain a loan or even get the best rates for auto insurance. By requesting a copy of their credit report, spouses can check for errors and have them corrected before needing to rely on their individual credit.

In addition, getting one’s own bank accounts and credit cards can help to prepare for the post-divorce era. People should open their accounts at a different bank in their name only. This is not a means of hiding marital assets during the divorce but a way to be prepared to start fresh after the divorce is over. Taxes can also be affected by divorce: After the divorce is finalized, each former spouse will need to file taxes as a single person, and changes in one’s income structure will also be reflected in the tax return.

When considering divorce, seeking professional assistance may be an important step. A family law attorney may provide advice on the key financial and other issues involved in the divorce, including asset division and spousal support. A lawyer might also connect a divorcing spouse with financial professionals to provide advice.

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