A Team Can Help People Survive Divorce

People in Charlotte going through a divorce can often struggle with emotional, psychological and financial aspects of the end of a marriage. A divorce can take a while to sort out, especially in a contested court process with a series of hearings and legal developments. Throughout a divorce, the support of a team can be very important in helping affect the outcome of the process.

In a divorce that involves children or significant financial assets, there can be some form of support for everyone, including family members, an attorney, a therapist and an accountant. However, in many cases, this form of support and professional expertise is not as strong as it could be. A team of qualified professionals can be one of the most important aspects in helping a person going through divorce to achieve a positive outcome both emotionally and financially.

A financial advisor can work with a lawyer to help handle the financial aspects of divorce, something particularly important in a high-asset divorce where extensive properties, investments, businesses and accounts are at stake. A financial advisor can not only deal with disclosures and negotiations during divorce, including fully understanding settlement proposals, but also help structure a financial future after divorce.

Another important professional for a divorce team can be a therapist or counselor. Professional support in managing the emotional and psychological side of divorce can help the experience to be less traumatizing and provide an important bulwark during difficult times without relying solely on friends and family.

A person considering divorce may select a family law attorney with extensive knowledge of divorce and matrimonial matters. A family lawyer might help a person divorcing to navigate complex legal questions and advocate strongly for the rights and interests of their clients in matters of child custody, asset division, spousal support and other relevant aspects of the divorce.