Creating a prenuptial agreement as a partnership

Some people in Charlotte who are getting married might want to consider a prenuptial agreement. While this can be a difficult topic to broach, there are ways of approaching a prenup that focus on strengthening rather than weakening the marital bond.

A prenup essentially helps to create healthy boundaries in a relationship where one person has significantly more assets than the other. This is a situation that can result in a power imbalance in which the partner with more assets is seen as dominant. Furthermore, the person with fewer assets may feel indebted to the other person. Creating a prenup can involve looking at these unspoken dynamics and making an agreement that helps both people feel as though they are on a more equal footing.

A person who is bringing significant assets into a relationship may have received those assets from family. A prenup can play a part here in bringing a couple closer together by having them work together to protect their financial futures. With the boundaries clearly outlined in a prenup, a person can keep a family business or other assets separate while still looking ahead to a partnership with the new spouse.

People creating a prenup need separate legal counsel. Their attorneys should work together to benefit their clients and the relationship as a whole.

If a couple does get a divorce, the prenuptial agreement may make the process of property division less difficult. However, it is important that the prenup has been prepared correctly, or it could be vulnerable to challenges. For example, the person with fewer assets might not have had sufficient legal counsel. A prenup should be prepared well before a wedding so that it does not appear to have been rushed into or involved coercion. The prenup should also focus only on financial issues and not on child custody.