High School Teacher Facing Drug Charges

North Carolina parents may be interested in the case of a Wakefield High School teacher who has been charged with drug trafficking. The 22-year-old teacher, who resides in Knightdale, was apprehended on July 10 and booked into Wake County Jail. She is facing multiple drug charges. The woman’s mother, stepfather and sister were also taken into custody and booked on drug charges.

Charges issued against the school teacher include manufacturing marijuana, possession with intent to distribute, possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a dwelling for keeping or selling controlled substances. She is being held at Wake County Jail on $250,000 bond.

The attorney for the woman’s stepfather says that the 52-year-old man used the marijuana for medical conditions including cancer. The attorney stated that the marijuana was for this man’s exclusive use. Officials at Johnston County School District confirmed that the teacher is a social studies teacher at West Johnston High School, and that she has been teaching there since August 2014. A representative of the school district stated that the teacher has been suspended with pay.

Drug charges, especially those involving manufacture or distribution, are a serious matter, but being charged does not mean that the defendant is guilty. Someone who is charged with drug crimes has legal rights, including the right to representation by legal counsel. A criminal defense attorney could review the case to make sure that the defendant’s constitutional rights have not been violated. For example, if evidence was obtained during an illegal search, the violation could possibly result in the charges being reduced or dropped entirely.