Incidents That May Indicate The Need For A Divorce.

When people are struggling with a decision about whether or not to divorce, there might be incidents that push them toward ending the marriage. One of those incidents might be a Charlotte spouse’s third arrest for driving under the influence. Although the spouse may have promised many times to get treatment for alcoholism, the change in behavior may have only been temporary and the spouse might have begun drinking again. On the third arrest, the partner may decide that the marriage must end despite still loving the spouse.

Another situation that could lead to the decision to divorce is when a spouse who is physically, verbally or emotionally abusive turns that behavior toward the children. When abuse is something that starts gradually, the partner may not initially recognize it for what it is, but when it is directed toward a child, the partner may realize the seriousness of the situation.

If the conflict between the couple is affecting their children, even if there is no abuse, divorce may be the right choice. Although parents tend to want to protect their children from the instability of a divorce, a marriage with a lot of conflict can set a bad example for children. A parent may realize divorce is necessary when it becomes apparent that the tension between them is negatively affecting the children.

In a divorce that is merely contentious, couples may want to consider trying to negotiate a divorce settlement with the assistance of their attorneys. Alternative dispute methods such as mediation may also be an option. The advantages of these approaches are that they can be less expensive and less time-consuming than a court case, and the couple has more control over the outcome. However, if abuse or addiction are causing the divorce, negotiating with the other spouse may not be possible and the matter might need to go before a judge.

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