Myths About Being Married To Ignore

As a general rule, a marriage is whatever the couple wants it to be. However, it may not seem that way with all the advice that married couples give to those in North Carolina who are planning a wedding or are thinking about marriage. One of the big myths is that a marriage has to be an equal partnership. In many cases, an equal partnership is one in which a couple is merely keeping score instead of being there for each other.

Another major myth is that sex goes away when a couple gets married. While couples can determine for themselves what they do in the bedroom, a lack of intimacy is actually not a good thing in a relationship.

It may also be a myth that each person has to be perfect to be a perfect husband or wife. The truth is that everyone is going to have a flaw or two that their spouses are going to need to accept for the marriage to succeed. The key is to embrace those flaws and manage them within the context of the marriage itself. Finally, active listening may not be the savior of a relationship. While it may help a couple communicate, it may also result in people becoming a spectator in their own marriage.

Not all marriages can be saved. Couples who have had the foresight to enter into a prenuptial agreement might find, however, that the process is a bit easier if the agreement contains provisions dealing with the division of property. Those who are planning on doing so will need to have separate legal representation.

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