A report suggests that couples in North Carolina and around the country have found it difficult to put their political differences aside after Donald Trump’s election. Family law attorneys have reported a surge in politically motivated divorce filings since Trump prevailed in November, and Wakefield Research decided to poll Americans to find out how living under the Trump administration has influenced their relationships.

One in 10 of the 1,000 people polled by the Virginia-based firm said that they had ended relationships because of political differences, and 22 percent reported that they personally knew couples who had either separated or were having relationship difficulties because of politics in general and Trump in particular. The study reveals that the political divide seems to run particularly deep among millennials. The research firm says that 22 percent of the younger respondents said that they had terminated relationships over partisan disagreements.

More than 20 percent of those polled said that they now argue about politics more than they do about money. This has experts worried because the political climate in the nation’s capital shows no sign of warming and disagreements over financial matters are generally seen as a sign that relationships may be heading toward divorce.

Experienced family law attorneys may urge couples who have not yet tied the know and who disagree on major issues to enter into prenuptial agreements. Patience is often in short supply when couples argue over money, politics or religion, and this can make it very difficult to hold productive talks over delicate subjects like spousal support and property division. Entering into prenuptial agreements allows couples to address these important matters with clear heads and could help them to avoid ruinously expensive court battles. However, these agreements should be essentially fair and entered into freely if they are to withstand judicial scrutiny.

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