Driver in North Carolina crash has prior DWI record. A major car accident on Feb. 16 in Wilmington has resulted in various charges against the 32-year-old driver believed to be responsible. Charges include driving while intoxicated as well as drug charges. The man has been booked into an area jail and is being held on a bond of $325,000.

The night accident occurred at an area intersection, where the man reportedly struck three parked cars. Two additional individuals occupied his vehicle, one of whom allegedly ran from the scene. The other passenger suffered serious injuries and was transported to an area hospital for treatment. Authorities estimate that the man’s speed at the time of the wreck was in excess of 70 miles per hour. Reports indicate that the man had previous driving while intoxicated convictions in 2003 and 2012. Additionally, his history of offenses includes both driving and drug violations.

An individual who is involved in an accident may worry that there won’t be a fair outcome because of a prior history. However, one’s record in such a situation is not proof of illegal activity. In working with a DWI defendant, an attorney might review the methods used to determine issues such as blood alcohol content. There might be an evaluation of testing methods used in the field to assess sobriety. Additionally, a criminal defense attorney might focus on legal protocol to ensure that officials have not rushed to charge a defendant without following all required steps in the process.

Legal support might be helpful for minimizing the penalties and possibly reducing charges in a case. If the evidence gathered by investigators appears to be strong, negotiating a plea bargain might be an attractive choice for both sides to minimize court time and limit expenses. However, a weak case on the part of the prosecution might warrant going to trial.

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