North Carolina man refuses breath test at drunk driving arrest
MARCH 25, 2015

A 52-year-old man from Charlotte, North Carolina, refused a breath test as well as a blood or urine test when he was arrested for allegedly driving drunk on St. Patrick’s Day. Rock Hill police confronted him after he crashed his girlfriend’s 2005 Volvo into a metal post protecting a gas pump at a Rock Hill gas station.

The police report stated that his car was heavily damaged in the front and the airbags had opened. Fluids were also leaking from the car. Under the driver’s seat, police claimed to find an open brandy bottle. First responders had difficulty getting the man into an ambulance. They described him as disorderly and trying to leave the scene. Police charged the driver for DUI, having an open alcohol container and driving with a suspended license.

A witness who had been driving behind the Volvo after exiting Interstate 77 said the car had been moving erratically. The witness also saw the car crash at the gas station located on Cherry Road.

A person who has been charged with driving while intoxicated could face jail time along with high fines. A drunk driving record also has a long-term impact on someone’s auto insurance rates. The guidance of an attorney might help someone defend his or her record. Sometimes an attorney might be able to get charges dropped if police performed a sobriety test incorrectly. In other situations, an attorney might succeed in negotiating a light sentence or possibly getting a license reinstated.