Online dating may result in lower divorce rates

Many residents of North Carolina have used or continue to use online dating apps in order to find their partners. While these apps have a reputation for adding to the hook-up culture, a study shows that they may actually positively affect marriages.

According to researchers at the University of Essex and the University of Vienna, married couples who met through online dating apps are less likely to end their relationships than are people who met through traditional means. In a study of 19,131 couples who met online and married, only 7 percent got divorced as compared to the U.S. divorce rate of 40 to 50 percent.

The researchers found that online dating opens people up to a much more diverse dating pool and may increase the number of interracial marriages. This may lead to a decrease in racism and a move toward increased multiculturalism. Nielsen reports that 30 million Americans visit online dating sites at least once each month. The researchers believe that part of the reason that online dating may lead to lower divorce rates is the algorithms that are used by online dating sites. They also believe part can be attributed to the fact that people who visit these sites may be ready to get married.

Online dating has greatly expanded the possibility of meeting potential partners. When people want to get married, they might want to take steps to protect themselves, however. Prenuptial agreements may help to protect their financial interests in the event that their marriages end in divorce, and they might also help to define the responsibilities of each partner in the marriages. Experienced family law attorneys may help clients with these types of matters.

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