People in Charlotte who are considering divorce may want to first spend some time thinking about whether they are making the right choice. Doing research into state law around divorce may help with making the decision. People should also think about their personal and financial goals and how the divorce will affect them.

It is important to get organized. This means collecting documents on assets such as retirement accounts and investments as well as mortgage paperwork, bank statements and tax returns. People should also make a budget for life after the divorce to help with some of the decision-making involving property division. For example, people may want to consider whether they can afford to keep the marital home. Individuals should get copies of their credit reports and close any joint accounts. They should also think about what professionals they may need to hire, such as an attorney and a financial adviser.

If there are children, their needs should be put first. Any decisions about custody should be made with the best interests of the children in mind. Parents may decide that a 50/50 custody arrangement suits them best, or there may be a different arrangement that works better for them. Former spouses should not neglect to make time for and take care of themselves throughout this process.

This preparation may help a person get ready for a divorce, but he or she will also need to talk their spouse and an attorney. They may be able to negotiate an agreement for child custody and property division, or they might have to go to court. People may want share their post-divorce goals with their attorney to help them stay focused on what they want to fight for and what they are willing to let go of during negotiations over property division.

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