The Benefit Of A Prenuptial Agreement


Before getting married, soon-to-be spouses in Charlotte might want to consider the benefits of getting a prenuptial agreement. Despite its negative reputation, a prenup can actually open the lines of communication for a couple. For a prenup to be valid, both people must get legal counsel, and neither may conceal any financial assets.


A prenup can be particularly important for someone who owns a business, has a blended family or is getting married for the second time. The documents can protect the business from the other partner if the couple gets divorced. It can also protect any other assets either person is bringing into the marriage. Furthermore, the prenup may specify that neither spouse is responsible for the debts of the other spouse if the two get a divorce.


Some couples may be concerned about alimony if one makes more money than the other. However, the prenup can address this as well. This might be particularly important if one spouse has been the stay-at-home parent. Since it can be difficult to reenter the workforce after years away, the parent may want assurance that spousal support will be available.


A prenuptial agreement is not airtight. One partner may challenge the documents if they were rushed into or seem unfair. That’s why it’s important to work with a lawyer before signing a prenuptial agreement. Legal counsel could make sure that the terms of the prenup will stand up in court. Ultimately, a thoroughly negotiated prenup could be advantageous to both parties in a divorce.