For Charlotte fathers, parenthood is becoming increasingly central to their personal identity and sense of self. The concept of fatherhood in the United States has gone through strong shifts in the past several decades, with a turn toward highly active involvement in care and child-rearing.

A survey conducted in 2015 by the Pew Research Center highlighted how important fatherhood is to their self-image. Approximately equal numbers of fathers and mothers highlighted parenthood as essential to their self-definition. An even higher percentage of fathers indicated that parenting is always rewarding.

Since 1965, the amount of time fathers spend weekly on child care has almost tripled. Fathers’ time spent on housework inside the home has also grown in that time. However, many fathers still struggle with work-life balance and seek more time with their children.

Most American couples are now dual-income families, sharing the tasks of bringing in money for the family as well as housework and child care. About half of the fathers who work note that it is quite difficult to balance family life and work. While work is also important to fathers’ personal identity, many also expressed their wish for more time with their children without rushing or stress.

Most adults also expressed how important it is for babies to form a deep bond with both their mothers and their fathers. This form of thinking is also increasingly reflected in child custody cases. Many divorce courts now have a preference for some form of shared parenting. A father who pursues physical custody has a good chance of achieving a resolution that recognizes the importance of his involvement in helping to raise his children. A family law attorney can often assist in this regard.