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Choosing the right law firm can be a challenge that ultimately decides your case before entering a courtroom. Although the direction of your case is motivated by the law, prevailing requires a competent delivery with a creative spin. It was exciting to witness three distinct personalities dancing around the courtroom with confidence while defending my case as if their own. Greg and Michael ..... represent the bulldogs you may be looking for, especially when determined to win. Thankfully, I prevailed with a cherry on top!
Dom Setabas
Richard is an excellent Lawyer. He assisted me in getting a restraining order against my ex-husband, and when we went to mediation, my ex tried to get spousal support from me. We came out of mediation with no spousal support given, and terms that I was extremely satisfied with.
I found Mr. Krusch online via Google search. He was upfront & professional with me. I received a quick response when I requested information from his law firm. I was left with no questions, he answered them all up front and assured me that he would help in any additional way possible. Thank you!
I have to give a huge shoutout to Clint Davis. I’ve been working with him for quite a few months now. He’s kept me informed, gave extremely great legal advice, and helped me win my case! I absolutely couldn’t be happier with the outcome. I’m so happy I went with him! I’m beyond grateful for the work he put in for me. Thank you, Clint!
Michael Romano exceeded all of my expectations. He was easy to speak to, patient, generous with his dedication and expedient. Most importantly, he is beyond knowledgeable on all things family law. Mr. Romano brought me great comfort through his services in an overwhelming situation. His genuine care and personalism were so greatly appreciated and I couldn’t have been more satisfied with my choice in him.
Ashlely Lewis
I've used Mr. Plumides for many cases over the years from custody to criminal and I want you to know he's a very special type of attorney. He's the type that literally has fallen in love with his work, the type to call you on a Sunday morning to discuss your case when you're worried and the type to protect you like your his own blood. I'll never use anyone else in the area and I strongly advise you at the very least to sit down with him if you're on the fence with representation and you'll see exactly what I'm referring to.
Michael Neighbors
Used this lawyer for 7yrs and was always happy...We had to go to court 3 times and each time we WON...he was never nervous going in. He knew what he was doing and informed me on everything...Thank you Mr. Johnson
Michael Romano did nothing less than saved my son and I from an abusive husband/father. Without his guidance I don't feel my situation would have had a positive outcome. Michael is very easy to talk to, is very knowledgeable about family law and helped me more than I could ever explain. Michael communicated effectively with me about my situation and made me feel like I had someone in my corner fighting for my son and I. Thank you Michael! I will never forget how you helped me.
Amy Craig
Greg Plumides is an exceptional attorney! Greg has handled several of our families unfortunate situations over the years. Due to Greg and his teams overall knowledge, as well as, area of expertise each case has been met with success. A reduction in the ticket and even a full dismissal of the case. If you need help, Greg and his Team you can count on! Thank you once again Greg for the expectational service!
Kim Katopodis
Richard took my case at the last minute, easy to reach throughout the process and happy to help wait my EX out until a deal was able to be reached.
Alan is a sophisticated professional. Wow, did I say wow?!!!! He will tell you up front EXACTLY what will happen with your case. Also known as the truth, which (by the way you probably already know.) My advise is to just let him do his job -that he is more than capable of doing. Don't ask too many questions or get yourself worked up. Alan will tell you in advance almost the exact outcome of your case to a t. In the end you can feel good about him as a human being because he won't resort to less than favorable behaviour. And by that I mean other attorneys who have to use immature tactics to make up for what they lack as men. Although it is quite entertaining to watch some of them!!! Especially JIM WARREN!!! Hahahahaha!!!!! Submitted by JULIE MEDLIN, who JUST WON HER CASE!!!!!!!!!Thank you ALAN KRUSCH!
You never know all the questions you should ask so it was a blessing that they listened and provided plenty of recommendations as well as assisted with claim, deeds etc. They know what to expect and provided a service without being pushy and will go at a pace you want and explain the laws so that you can understand all the legal speak.
Paul S.
I had a civil landlord-tenant issue and Clint Davis gave me thorough advise during our consult. He was honest, knowledgeable and professional. He was recommended to me and I’m glade I sought out his assistance. And will use him and his team going forward.
Lekani Sulaimana
Greg Plumides was a true advocate for me when I was falsely accused. If you need a knowledgeable, accessible, and hard working attorney on your side, look no further. Did I mention the very reasonable cost? Thank you, Mr. Plumides. (Full review to come on Avvo) Richard Johnson made my separation and divorce as painless as possible. Thank you, Mr. Johnson.
Matt Namin
I found Mr. Johnson through searching the NC bar association website around 2006. I was living up in New York when my ex-wife took me to court. Mr. Johnson returned my call and was very patient with me and very thorough in advising me in what I had to do with my court case. I was very confident with him representing me during my child support and legal separation cases. He represented me when my ex-wife went back to court for an increase of support while I was at work up in NY. Mr. Johnson presented my case in front of the judge showing unjustified cause for an increase in support, and won. I highly recommend him.
Thomas M.
Mr. Romano is an amazing family law attorney. He has been my attorney for over 5 years and I have never been disappointed. His experience and expertise in Family law, in my opinion, supersedes all others in the field. Mr. Romano and his team are very knowledgeable, thorough, professional, and personable. I highly recommend Mr. Romano and his team without reservations. If you're in need of a Family law attorney, Mr. Romano is your guy!
Ivette C.
Thank you Clint Davis for all you do! I was working with Mr. Davis for about a month now with a speeding ticket I received and could not be happier with the outcome. He responded to me quickly and educated me on what the best options were considering my case. I definitely would recommend him and his team for any legal issues. Thank you Mr. Davis for your time and work.
Almina Husicic
I love this Charlotte Attorney's team approach! Having all the attorneys- Family Law specialists, and Criminal- DWI/DUI attorneys in the practice, brainstorming and working to my benefit is a definite advantage over other Charlotte attorneys
Shirley Cress Dudley
An excellent team of professionals you want on your side. Hard working, knowledgeable and accountable.
Pravin Thakur
Greg Plumides represented me in my DWI case. I was completely blown away at how patient he was regarding the strategy we took. Greg always knew what to do and when to do it. When it came time for court, he was properly prepared and we won our case when everybody was telling me there was no way I was going to win. I would recommend Greg and Plumides Law Office to anyone.
Stew Andrew
Michael Romano has always been respectful and has helped me through a difficult divorce. My divorce ended up being very complicated and drawn out due to my ex-husband not living in the same state and I am currently still using Michael to help me. He has provided me with great advice and guidance through the divorce. Michael is very caring of his clients and makes you feel important. I would definitely recommend Michael Romano to a person who is going through a divorce.
I was very fortunate to have David represent me in my recent divorce. There was property, assets and a business that needed to be litigated and distributed fairly with the least amount of loss. David was very knowledgeable with the laws surrounding each particular area and saved me thousands of dollars in the end, David is a talented family law attorney with a knowledge base that is not limited to divorce or child custody issues but expands to include expertise in a variety of areas of legal matters. I would highly recommend and use him again for future legal issues.
Best Team in the game! Wanted to take some time to shout out this team for always having my back and taking the stress off my plate!! For several years I worked with Greg and his team for various reasons. Recently I had the opportunity to work with Clint Davis. Clint is very knowledgeable and provided great solutions. He also took time to help walk me through what would be best for my specific scenario. We were able to get everything take care of with a simple conversation. Couldn’t ask for a better Team to represent me! Thank you for all that you do!!
Michael Katopodis
Mr Greg Plumides is one of the most or is the most informative DUI attorneys I've ever seen or been I had 2 DUI within 3yrs and both were dismissed, Thank you again sir.
Andre Chappelle
I hired Mr Romano after meeting with several options. From the initial consultation to the completion of my case, his service and the results exceeded my expectations. Throughout my experience, he made himself widely available for Q&A, kept me well informed, showed genuine interest, and appeared to always be one step ahead. While having to hire an Attorney is rarely a good thing, Mr Romano made it a pleasant and low stress experience. Highly recommend!
This is the best law firm I have worked with during my rough time (divorce). I had setup an appointment for consultation and I was amazed how honest and upfront he was on my case. I like to work with people (lawyer in this case) who tell me upfront what I am up against. So I hired him as my lawyer and my case turned out to be exactly what he had told me in the beginning. One thing I will tell is your case will turnout the way he tells you in your consultation as long as you are honest with him.
Trust. Respect. Strategist. Thoroughness. Problem Solver. A good listener. These are the words that describe my experience working with you as my attorney. From the first phone call back in the summer of 2009 when I introduced my case to you, you listened to everything I had to share and then explained the process thoroughly to me. Once we started working together I felt that I was fully represented. What is most important to me is that you listened to me as your client. You did not take a cookie cutter approach to my case. To prevail in my case you took an effective strategic approach and thought outside the box to come up with a solution that brought about the best possible outcome. This is why I will continue to refer acquaintances and friends to you, Michael Romano so that they can receive the highest legal representation that Charlotte has to offer.
Toni is the BEST !
Lanautica Dubose
David was extremely helpful. He handled things fast and honestly cared about my situation. I am grateful and would recommend David to any friend!