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Over 45 years of experience in Charlotte

Alan is a member of the Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals (CCDP), a group of attorneys, therapists, child specialists, financial specialists and divorce coaches dedicated to the Collaborative Divorce process.  The CCDP website may be accessed at

Alan has handled thousands of divorces in his 45 years of practicing law in and about Mecklenburg County. In his vast experience, one thing has become abundantly clear: do whatever you can to avoid the litigation process, the process whereby a single judge makes decisions about your children, your money, your property and your life. Courts are essential parts of our society, and a judge does the very best he or she can to arrive at a rational decision about the issues presented, but your “case” is one of hundreds that the judge is assigned to decide, and there is only so much time that can be allotted to your “case”, your children, your money and property, your life. Once you are in court before a judge, your ability to make decisions, to choose what direction you want to take, to affect the outcome of the matters most important to you, are limited.

other methods of

resolving divorce

One method of resolving divorce matters that has developed over time and has become more and more popular is called Collaborative Divorce. In Collaborative Divorce proceedings, spouses agree that they are NOT going to litigate, that they are NOT going to go to court, that they are NOT going to leave their decisions and matters that are most important in their lives to the discretion of a judge, but that they are going to decide those issues for THEMSELVES. With the help of trained professionals (attorneys, therapists, child specialists, financial specialists, divorce coaches), divorcing spouses can WORK TOGETHER to decide upon those matters most important in the lives of their families.

Working together for a resolution

Spouses who resolve their disputes collaboratively report a much greater sense of satisfaction in having resolved their matters without court intervention. They may even have saved money, too.

In addition to having been designated by the State of North Carolina as a Family Law Specialist since 1990, Alan has been trained as a Collaborative Divorce Attorney. Call Alan to learn whether a Collaborative Divorce process is right for you.

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