The Relationship Between Drunk Driving and Divorce

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a problem not just in Charlotte, North Carolina, but also across the United States. The problem has become such a societal burden that Utah has decided to lower its blood alcohol concentration limit to .05%, departing from the .08% limit enacted across much of the country. Additionally, many advocates for safer driving conditions are championing efforts to enforce stricter drunk driving laws and strengthen penalties to include the mandatory installation and monitoring of interlock devices on vehicles operated by offenders.

The Texas Medical Center Health Policy Institute has released findings that show as many as 55% of Americans are in favor of lowering legal blood alcohol concentration limits. To add to this, the National Transportation Safety Board has demonstrated that intoxicated drivers are seven times more likely to be involved in an auto accident when blood alcohol concentration levels extend beyond .05%. The Board believes that lowering this limit on a national scale could save nearly 2,000 lives per year.

Impaired driving and substance abuse can also affect marriages. Substance abusers may become neglectful, ill-prepared to manage shared household finances and abusive toward minor children. The costs associated with a drunk driving arrest may also place a financial strain on the family, thereby leading to increased stress. In cases, where a drunk driver has caused an injury or fatality, criminal penalties and fines may also play into marital strife.

Many people who find themselves unable to live with a spouse who abuses alcohol find that divorce may be the final option to escape an unhealthy relationship. Under amicable terms, divorce can be complicated, but when substance abuse, real property, child support and shared financial assets are factored in, the process can become even more difficult to navigate. As a result, people in such situations often turn to the help of a divorce attorney when seeking to dissolve an unhealthy marriage. A divorce attorney often provides legal counsel and representation in negotiating and settling terms of divorce as they relate to family law issues.