Helping Children Through A Divorce

Parents in North Carolina and elsewhere around the country that are going through a divorce are likely worried about how their children are going to deal with the situation. There are several ways that people can help their kids cope with divorce.

It may be necessary for parents to have multiple conversations about the breakup with their children. After the first conversation about the divorce, kids may need time to process their thoughts and feelings. If their children do not bring up any questions or concerns, parents should check in occasionally to gauge their true feelings.

It is natural for kids to worry about contributing to the divorce, so parents should alleviate their fears. This includes letting them know in no uncertain terms that the divorce is not their fault and that both parents will still be involved in their lives. After making these assurances, parents need to make sure that their actions match their words. This means one parent should not attempt to keep the kids from the other one.

People should make an effort to respect each other in front of their kids. Any negative comments or arguments in front of the children only add stress and anxiety to their lives in an already difficult time. If problems do arise, parents should discuss them when the kids are not around.

Flexibility is important while everyone is adjusting to a new family dynamic. Parents should try to maintain a stable environment for their children but also be understanding if things occasionally go wrong. It will take time for everyone to adapt to a different schedule and way of doing things.

Negotiation or mediation can help divorced parties work out child custody matters without them having to go to court. Avoiding litigation can save them time and money. These individuals should still consult with attorneys even when not going to court.