North Carolina residents who are married or have plans to get married in the future should know that their occupation may be a factor in how likely they are to get a divorce. According to information collected in a 2015 American Community Survey, individuals with jobs that require working at night or a great deal of travel tend to have the highest rates of divorce in the United States.

Individuals who have the lowest chances of getting a divorce include those who work as medical professionals, software developers, actuaries and scientists. The reasons for the low rates of divorces for individuals with these job titles vary. While some may point to the belief that such professions attract people who tend to value efficiency, others may highlight the attractive incomes that come with the jobs.

On average, jobs that provide higher annual incomes are associated with lower divorce rates. The data from the survey also indicated that there are links between rates of divorce, the chances that a child will become ill and income.

When data regarding occupations is separated by professional field, it is evident that jobs associated with shipping, travel or transportation fields have divorce rates that are higher than the average rate for the nation. In contrast, occupations in fields like science, mathematics, fishing, forestry, farming and the military have the lowest divorce rates.

Individuals who are considering getting a divorce should speak with an attorney who practices family law. The attorney may evaluate the factors surrounding the potential divorce and may advise the client of the appropriate actions to take. The attorney may litigate to protect clients’ interests and rights with regard to child custody, spousal support, property division and child support. If possible, the attorney may advise negotiating with the other party to obtain favorable settlement terms.

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